Bible Study for Beginners.

How to Learn the Bible

  1. Get a Bible.
  2. Start Reading It Systematically. See Note
  3. Take Notes.
  4. Look Up the Cross References.
  5. Write Down Questions.
  6. Pray each time you study.

What is the Bible?

  1. The Bible is the Word of God. ( See Note )
  2. The Bible is one big book. It contains 66 smaller books. The author of all these books is God. ( see note )
  3. Each book is broken down into chapters. Each book has anywhere from one to one hundred and fifty chapters.
  4. Each Chapter is broken down into verses. A verse often contains a sentence of part of a sentence.
  5. The Bible was written mainly in Hebrew and Greek.
  6. The Bible has been translated into a number of languages, including English, Spanish and most others.
  7. Christadelphians who speak English, often use what is called the "King James Version" of the Bible.
  8. The Bible was written starting about 4,000 years ago, after the time of Abraham, and ending about 1,900 years ago at the end of the first century A.D., when Christ was on Earth.

Bible Study Tools

  1. An Analytical Concordance is a book that you can use to locate verses in the Bible containing some given word. We recommend Strong's or Young's Exhaustive Analytical Concordance. Exhaustive means it should have every word in the King James Bible, and every verse containing that word.
  2. A Lexicon will help you identify what Greek or Hebrew word was used in a given verse, and what it means in English.
  3. Many computer programs exist that give you the above features. We recommend The Online Bible. You can get a copy for Windows or Macintosh by clicking here .

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